Easter Weekend

easter-bunny30Easter has arrived! It has been a long couple of weeks at work so I was looking forward to a break. Brittany and Brandon both came home for the weekend on Friday. The last time they had seen each other was Christmas. They have each been home since then, but never at the same time. On Saturday my parents dropped in for a few hours for a visit. We drove downtown and picked up some sweets at Cards Bakery and then played some cards. It is a McEachern tradition to play cards whenever we all get together. This time Brittany was lucky enough to win, but she was keeping score so it was a tad suspicious.

19864841-White-angel-cartoon-Stock-Vector-christmasLast weekend I had a number of mishaps. First my phone stopped working. You wouldn’t think that would be a big deal. I then started to think about it. I couldn’t sync any of my workouts with my watch. Yikes! I also couldn’t blog, listen to music, listen to podcasts, or text! Something had to be done right away. I was ready to buy a new one when my iPhone decided to come to life! All was not back to normal though as I lost a bunch of information. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to spend any money. I also found a way to wake Jackie up early. I had just come back from swimming and decided to make some toast. Somehow the fire alarm went off! The alarms are all linked together in our house so it was not a localized high pitched squeal, it was everywhere. A voice accompanies the squeal chanting “fire, fire, fire”. Needless to say, I was not popular. Finally, on Sunday night I went over to Starbucks to read and put my feet up. When I came out I had a flat tire. Luckily there was still some sunlight available and I worked at getting it changed. A guardian angel must have seen me struggling and offered to help out. I am not the most mechanically inclined person so it was most appreciated. I drove around on the donut for a day before finally getting the tire fixed. It seems I picked up a screw in the neighbourhood. I am not the first in our construction filled neighbourhood to get a flat tire recently. What a weekend.

bbqThe annual move of summer equipment from the basement to the garage or deck consumed some of my time this weekend. It is amazing how much mud and grit the vehicles drag into the garage all weekend. After some sweeping and a power wash the garage floor is cleaner than the floors in the house. Of course, that cats aren’t allowed in garage so it is “fur free”. The lawn furniture is out and the BBQ is ready for use. Now I just need it to stop raining!

Jogging/running shoes, sneakersMy workouts have continued although it has been tough to find to the time. My scheduled weight sessions with the team have turned into solo sessions in the basement. The timing has just not worked out for me lately so I have had to improvise. The running mileage is increasing each week as I head towards the race season. This past week I travelled 120 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…

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