Limestone 1/2 – Wet, cold, and miserable.

IMG_0131Every time I sign up for a race, it rains. As I sat in the van barely able to see the street in front of me I thought back to the 1/2 marathon I did in Washington a couple years back. It poured out the entire race. I thought the silver lining was that I would never have conditions as bad again for a race. Back to present day. At the start line the wind and rain coming at me sideways I wished I was back in Washington. At least it wasn’t cold! It was one degree at the race today.

IMG_0118I had another visit to the physiotherapist after more knee pain earlier in the week. On Wednesday I was doing some hill work and tweaked it yet again. My plan was to run the first 5k and if there was bad pain call it a day. I have to stay focused on the “A” race for my season, the full Ironman in Mont Tremblant. If I have to take a week off from training that would not be good. It is all one big balancing act. After 5k with the adrenaline flowing, I felt no pain. I was clicking off the kilometres at a 5:15 – 5:25 pace, feeling good. I knew tougher times were ahead, closer to the end of the race. Jackie found a spot along the course and was able to provide me with some much needed fluids! All I could think of was stealing her winter coat, but that would hardly be practical, lol.

IMG_0127The final 3 kms things started to get hard. The legs were heavy and no longer wanted to turn over. I just focused on one foot in front of the other. Of course, it also decided to rain even heavier as I felt my worst! I finished the race in 1:57:58 based on my watch time. It was about 10 minutes quicker than last year on the same course, and the conditions were much worse. Overall a successful run to start the season.

IMG_0128The knee pain never flared up. I know I will be stiff tomorrow, but I hope my knee feels normal. Things like this get into your mind, and I don’t need more things in my mind! I travelled 85 kms during my training this past week. There were a few off days as I rested up for today’s race.

See you at the finish line….


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