Mother’s Day

mothers-dayOnce a year we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a running joke that every other day of the year is Father’s Day, but there is some truth in the statement. I have precious memories of my youth and the joy that my Mother brought into the house. Mom worked shiftwork to help to provide for our family. She would then get home and continue to work tirelessly packing our lunches for school, making sure we got out of bed on time, and ensuring we had matching socks on. She also spent hours cutting Dad’s long flowing hair. We never had loads of money when I was growing up, but I would never have known it. Mom spoiled my brother and I with everything we could ever want. I never left the house hungry and I always knew I had a safe place called home to come return to at the end of every day. She would often reach into her purse as we were leaving and give us some money, saying “Don’t tell your father”. Childhood was a great time.

water-balloonsI was a great teen and caused no problems at all for my Mother during those years that are often trying for a parent. I just love the power of the pen! Mom is great with technology, but she has yet to figure out how to write a blog so I think my teen stories are safe from the internet for now. Dad on the other hand spends hours looking at the settings on his cell phone, changing something here and there, and then never being able to get the thing to work again! That is a story for another post. Just to set the record straight, I didn’t make mud pies with the neighbor’s jug of milk. I didn’t kick my shoe through the neighbor’s window, braking the glass. I didn’t drop the water balloons from the seventh floor on the old lady. I did however get hit with a wooden hand (it was called Mom’s helping hand and was purchased from Santa’s village) for punishment for these deeds that I was most certainly innocent of!

F-119As Mom became a Grandma I got to witness how she once again pampered a new young mind. It brought me back to my childhood and gave me a new appreciation for just how wonderful a caregiver she is! If great grandchildren ever arrive I can watch it all over again.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!

My training continues to move along at a good pace. This past week I travelled 200kms as I swam, biked, and ran. Next weekend I am at a training camp in Mont Tremblant.

See you at the finish line…

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