Mont Tremblant – Training Camp

IMG_0879This weekend I made a trip up to Mont Tremblant for a triathlon training camp. The camp was put on by IronStride, the group I am part of. I took Friday off work and made the drive through the Laurentian’s and to my hotel. After getting into the room and unpacking it was time to start the training. The hotel had no power as a big storm knocked out all the power the night before. I was happy to have missed the storm, and even happier I wasn’t biking in it. The afternoon consisted of a 2 hour ride and a 30 minute run. The bike course loop was very hilly. I should have expected that as we were in the mountains after all. It was a real test of my biking ability. After some stretching, we did a short group run.

IMG_0885I had dinner with the group at the hotel. It was a good meal and gave me the opportunity to meet the others and hear about their journeys. It is interesting how diverse the group is. There are youngsters, and then older people like myself. There are also all types of abilities in the camp. Some of the participants are world class cyclists, and it shows. It was good to learn everything I could from them throughout the weekend.

IMG_0887The next two days consisted of more of the same. Each morning we did a hour and half swim at 7am. We the went back to the hotel and had a quick breakfast before heading out for a long day of biking. Each day was over 100kms on the bike. My ass may never be the same. It was good to experience the Ironman course in its entirety on the last day. My Garmin watch confirmed I hit a new top speed of 71 km/hr going down one of the hills. Yikes! It will help with understanding when to change gears and went to push hard. The mountain climb is at the end of the bike leg, making it tough.

IMG_0877-1Overall it was a great training experience. I picked up lots of tips and built some good muscular endurance in the process. During the past week my mileage was up over 300kms during my training. I am hoping for a light week of workouts this week, I need some recovery!

See you at the finish line….


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