What’s the next best thing to living on the water?

1085I have often talked about living on the water. The peaceful morning views of a quiet lake would be very good for the soul. Also, it would provide a good training location for open water swimming. So, what’s the next best thing to owning a house on a lake? Well, that would be having friends that own a house on a lake! Laura and Graham were gracious enough to invite Jackie and I up to their house on Varty Lake last night. It gave me the opportunity to do my first short open water swim of the season. Most of the lakes in the area are probably still too cold for swimming but Varty Lake is not as deep as most. That means that it was warmer than expected. I loved swimming in their lake as it was quiet so I didn’t have to worry about boats whizzing past my head. After my quick swim, we sat on the point in front of a fire and enjoyed a beverage and the company of our hosts. They have given me an open invitation to swim whenever I like. They may regret that offer in time. They may find me on their shore more often than they think!

promo252043711After returning from the Mont Tremblant training camp last week my legs felt quite heavy. It took a few days to feel limber again. The relatively flat roads of Kingston were a welcome sight! I did a couple group rides this week. The hills on the first ride seemed easy compared to last weekend’s mountains! On Saturday morning we practiced some pace lines. The group lined up two by two and drafted. This allows the entire group to move faster through the wind. It is a great sensation until it is your turn at the front of the pack!

number_194This past week I travelled 194 kilometers during my training. The nicer weather has certainly helped!




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