Flat Tire – No Problem

No+summer+in+northern+europe+i+want+summer_eaaa2e_3921466Is anyone else wondering when summer will arrive? It is not that it is necessarily cold outside, although it has been on occasion, but more that we haven’t had a good hot day yet. It also seems like what good weather we have tends to happen through the week when we are stuck working inside. I am usually complaining about a sunburn but no worries about that this year.

tumblr_moyl65g2bH1qz5zvoo1_500On Saturday morning I got up and prepared myself mentally for a long bike ride. On the training schedule it said “Bike 3:30”. I think it would have been more preferable if it had meant at 3:30am, but no such luck, it was referring to duration. I went out to the garage to find that my back tire was flat. Couple of pumps of the pump and it went flat again. Not the best start to the ride. At least it happened at home. I changed the tire, washed my hands, and stood looking at the bike. It was not an insignificant moment. Recall a few months back when I needed help to change the tire on my van, well I managed this one all on my own. I know, simple things amuse me. In all honesty it was good training for the upcoming races as no outside assistance is allowed or you get disqualified. It was time to ride. I headed west and then north. The first hour of the ride was into the wind and I found myself in Yarker. My legs were burning and my hands were frozen. I secretly yearned to be back in bed with the cats. Once I headed back east towards Hwy 38 I got into a groove. I was able to maintain a good speed of 35 kms/hr and once again thought this Ironman thing might be possible. I returned on Unity Road and connected with Battersea before heading back west into the wind. I made it back home after 3:27 minutes of riding and approximately 100kms in the training bank.

tumblr_mofjrpH1mV1qgg6zbo1_500Sunday morning came early with a group swim at Artillery Park. It was an endurance set, which is code from the coach that you should prepare for it to hurt. After a stop at Starbucks and a few scrambled eggs, I put on my running shoes and headed out for the long run of the week. This week’s musical accompaniment was courtesy of Bon Jovi. I passed through the downtown core to find that there was a race about to start! If I would have had enough money for an entry fee I may have joined in! I continued my run solo as I watched the skies. It was threatening rain the entire run. I finished my long run a little before lunch. The training run was 21 kms, or a half marathon distance. I never would have thought I would be doing training runs at a half marathon distance, but there it is.

dont-keep-calm-its-less-than-3-weeks-leftThe 1/2 Ironman is three weeks away from today. Gulp. I need to get some more open water swims on the schedule! I travelled 211 kms this week during my training.

See you at the finish line….


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