Rest and Recovery Week

Recovery_smallAfter last week’s race I needed a bit of rest and recovery. I had two days off from any workouts at all. I somehow picked up the dreaded “summer cold” as well. I assume my immune system may be a bit weak at this point. The cold has made sleeping difficult, but that means that I am getting a lot of reading time! See, the glass is half full! 🙂

cat_trying_to_wake_up_owner__4812779370It was Canada Day yesterday! It was nice to see all the flags in the neighbourhood, the spirit was certainly showing through. The weather seemed to clear just in time for the fireworks. Of course, I am old and tired so I was in bed by that point in time. Not sleeping of course, just watching the light on the smoke detector. Muggles, one of the three felines in the house, can sense if I am not sleeping and takes it upon himself to scream in my face. That certainly doesn’t help. Anyone want a cat?

workJackie continues to work most weekends on a project at work. She had Canada Day off but has to work today and Monday. The end of the project is in the next couple of weeks so maybe things will get back to normal soon.

I did my first post race run on Thursday. It felt pretty bad. My legs were still heavy and a touch sore. Earlier today I ran again and it felt much better. I am not 100%, but getting there. My biking legs seemed fine all week. Running just takes a lot out of you. This past week I travelled 201 kilometres during my training. Yes, that was a slow week. Yikes! Seven weeks until the full Ironman!

See you at the finish line….

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