Missed last week – Race Result

OopsI missed a blog entry last week. Not for any specific reason other than things have been so busy. Last weekend I participated in a local triathlon in Sydenham. My coach said it was ok to add this one to the schedule, but that I would train right through it. What did that really mean? I came to find out that after the race I had yet another 1.5 hour bike ride on my schedule. It wasn’t too bad as the weather was nice. I did well in the race. I placed 14th overall. Of course, all the young ones ran past me during the running segment. Oh to be young and athletic again! I came in 2nd place in my age group. Not a bad day at the races.

f230b47c653393ae31b07ed628631b47--niece-quotes-uncle-quotes-from-nieceThis week has been typically busy. We had a visit from my only niece on Friday night. Nicole had been staying with my parents in Brockville for a week of vacation. I took her to a local pub to meet some of my health care coworkers and then for a tour of the new hospital. We had some good laughs. She has grown into a nice young lady. The longer workouts continue and the date of the final Ironman looms large. I cancelled my reservation at the Fairmont Hotel as triathlete friends of mine offered up their condo for the weekend. It is a three-bedroom place right on the hill that sleeps 10! Underground parking is included as well as free WIFI. Everyone is invited now! It saved me a ton of money as well. The hotels in Mont Tremblant during the Ironman weekend are all over $600 a night.

mistake-long-workoutsThe long rides on Saturday mornings are now bordering on insane. Yesterday I rode over 130 kms. I went through a few sprinkles in the early morning and the sun came out. Come to think of it I preferred the rain as it was much cooler. Today was an hour swim and a 22k run. I continue to consume enough food to feed a small city.

This past week I travelled 292 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line….



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