Busy Weekend

bbq-party_23-2147513250It feels like I need another few days off to recover from the weekend. On Friday right after work in the heat of the day I ran a 25k training run. I felt totally depleted. Jackie was  in Ottawa spending some time with Brandon so it was a good opportunity to finish my long run. On Saturday morning it was a 100k of biking, and then chores. We were losing most of the day on Sunday for a trip to Toronto so I had to cram two days worth of chores into one day! After cleaning the house and getting ready for the neighbourhood BBQ party we headed out. Paul and Laura throw a great party! We got to meet some of the new members of the neighbourhood, and catch up with some of the “older” ones. It was a fun night.

yes-sure-idOn Sunday morning I did my early swim and then headed off to Toronto for the day. The plan was to meet Brittany and her new boyfriend Rui. We had heard plenty of good things about Rui but had yet to meet him. I packed the gun in the van, just in case it was required. We had lunch at an Irish pub just behind the Eaton’s Centre. I was trying hard to find some fault in her new man, but I couldn’t. Rui was such a nice man, and a perfect match for Brittany. I could tell she was happy by the way she looked at him. That is all a father can ask for right? We also met Brittany’s new roommate. Another first introduction on the day!

My training continued all week. This past week I travelled 252 kms during my training. The big day is approaching way to quickly!

See you at the finish line.

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