Injured – Not happy

10-Effective-Home-Remedies-To-Treat-Achilles-Tendon-Pain1Three weeks out from the race and things were moving along nicely. I went out for a four-hour ride on Saturday and about an hour in I felt a throbbing pain in my right achilles. I was stupid and decided I could train through it. It came and went, depending on the terrain. At the end of the ride Brittany was waiting for me to do a one-hour run. The first few step told me I shouldn’t run, but time running with my daughter is precious. We didn’t do the full hour, we only went for 8k. After I showered I knew immediately that I would regret completing the workouts. This morning I sent an email off to my Physio Scott. It was more of a pleading for forgiveness for being stupid and hoping he can work miracles and get me to the start line.

1901I received my race number this week as well. If I can get myself healed up I will be athlete number 1901. Is that anyone’s lucky number? All the digits are odd, I am odd, coincidence, I think not.

Newspaper-news-update-clipart-kidAs I mentioned above, Brittany is home for her three week break from grad school. She is spending a few days with us this weekend, and then heading back to Toronto to have some time with Rui. They are going to his cottage in Wasaga Beach for the long weekend. She hopes to return to Kingston and come with us to the Ironman race for her last few days off. She is a busy girl.

Brandon started a new job this week! He has been hunting for something new for a little while so it was good to see him find a new source of income. His goal is to stay in the Ottawa area and live with one of his buddies and this will be a good first step. The first step is always the hardest.

This past week I travelled 269 kilometres during my training.

Hope to see you at the finish line in three weeks…

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