Physio and the K-Town Race

IMG_0732My week began with a few trips to the Physiotherapist. He worked on my achilles with some ART and then some electrical current. I almost jumped off the table in pain with the ART, but I knew form past experience it would help. I didn’t do any running at all during my training the is week, just swims and bikes. Well, after one of the longer bikes I did a one kilometre brick run just to see how it was feeling. It passed the test.

IMG_0737Sunday was the local K-Town race. It is a larger event as it is part of the Multi Sport Canada series. I figured I would do the swim and bike and then see how my leg felt for the run. If I had to walk I was prepared to do so. I wanted to treat the race a just another training day. I got down to the race location and realized that I had forgotten my race nutrition. Jackie saved me as she brought it down to the start line with her! It rained early in the morning but just as I was entering the water the sun came out. It was difficult to see the swim buoys with the sun directly in my eyes. I had an uneventful swim and hopped on the bike. About 2 kilometres into the bike I went through a group of bees. A few of them stuck to my leg (like a bug on a windshield) and I ended up getting stung. I am sure I looked like a fool as I tried to swat them away. I could see my leg swelling right before my eyes. It seems these are the things that happen to me! After the bike I put my shoes on headed out on the run course. My leg felt good and I had a successful run. I finished the race in 1:53, it was a good day (well except for the bees).

IMG_0762There is now only two weeks remaining until the Ironman. Can I roll back the clock to give myself some more time to consider what I have signed up for? This past week I travelled 240 kilometres during my training.

See you at the Mont Tremblant finish line….






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