Post Ironman Blues

accomplishedIt has been about three weeks since I updated my blog. I needed a rest and some downtime after the excitement of the Ironman race. Honestly, I have been in a bit of a post race funk. I was accustomed to the hours of training each week and the anticipation of the race, and most of that is now gone. I have continued to train, just without a goal at this point in time.

decision-making-man2So what should I do next? I certainly want to continue to race, the question is at what distance. My coach Randy has provided me with some options for next year, and I have begun to consider which one is right. I talked a bit with Trevor, another athlete at IronStride and he has almost convinced both me and Randy that I should do another Ironman next year. There is some validity in this option. When I did Mont Tremblant my goal was to finish. Sure, I wanted to do the best I could, but the goal was crossing the line.  I left some energy out there on the course, so I have a burning desire to see what my time would be if I raced. I treated it like an event, not a race. Although I did ok from a time perspective for my first IM. Trevor is looking for a training partner as he is aiming for Mont Tremblant in 2018, and of course so is Chris. I am still thinking, but I am leaning towards doing it all over again.

PURDYS-JPEGI have begun another course at Queens that has consumed much of my time lately. I also did the final edit on my long awaited book! I received proof copies in the mail last week. It was surreal to have my actual book in my hands. I must say, it looks awesome! I am happy with the cover art and then quality of the printing. I found some minor errors and have worked to fix them. Tomorrow I will get another proof copy in the mail. If all looks good I will set a publishing date in the next couple of weeks. I think I should have a release party, sound like a good plan? Exciting stuff! It will be available both in hard copy and also as an eBook on Kindle. Readers of my Ironman blog get a first glimpse at my author website. Remember, the links to purchase are not active, and the final pricing is not set.

I travelled 148 kilometres during my training this past week. My strength program has begun again and the next swim session starts on Tuesday. My life will be very busy once again (not that it was ever boring).

I usually say “See you at the finish line” to close my blog entries. I need to find a new tagline. Any ideas?

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