Race registration, again….

1408170361 1600Oops I did it again. I am registered for another Ironman event. I signed up for Mont Tremblant once again. I figure this upcoming year I will “race” the course, rather than enjoy the day. This could mean I push so hard that I don’t finish, but I want to see what I am capable of achieving. I am looking forward to the challenge. I am also looking for a spring 1/2 Ironman somewhere. I find a spring race gives me something to aim for during the long winter months of training. The coach has added an extra swim per week into the schedule. I am now in the pool on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Saturday swim is in the evening and I find I enjoy that much more than the morning swims.

keep-calm-and-do-indoor-cycling-5I am beginning to think about bringing all of the bikes and equipment into the basement for the year. We have enjoyed some good weather of late but I find myself still using the trainer in the basement. I think I have mentally moved to indoor biking already. Running is another story! I have been running with some co-workers, mostly in the mornings. It has been a good change of pace and is keeping me motivated.



Author-Signing-Today1I have an author event! I contacted a local bookstore and they accepted my proposal. On November 18th I will be signing my book for those millions of fans that are sure to show up. All kidding aside, it is a little daunting to think I will be at the front door of a major bookstore selling my first novel. I hope that lots of family and friends can drop by so that I don’t get bored!

This past week I travelled 112kms during my training.

See you at the next finish line……

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