2018 Race Calendar

ironman703muskoka_story1My plans for 2018 are starting to solidify. As I mentioned in a previous post my “A” race next year will once again be Ironman Mont Tremblant. I have been searching for a warmup race for a couple of weeks now. I settled on the 70.3 race in Muskoka on July 8th. It will be a new experience as not only have I never raced that event, but I have not even watched anyone else at that particular race. I looked at the course online and attempted to compare it to Mont Tremblant. I was surprised to find that the bike course is almost as hilly as Tremblant. The difference is that Muskoka seems to have smaller, but more frequent hills. I will have to ride the course for practice in the spring.

knee-painMy knee pain is back once again. It is tough to isolate just what is causing the pain. With so many varying types of workouts it could be anything, or a combination of all of them. I will need to make another physiotherapy appointment to get myself fixed up once again. I keep telling myself that age has nothing to do with it.

The release of my book has been exciting. I have been signing a number of books for friends and family. It seems I will have a good number of people at the Chapters event on November 18th. I have a similar signing opportunity at the hospital as well. I am thinking through an event where the proceeds will go back to the hospital. I also have my eye on a boutique bookstore in downtown Kingston.

See you at the next finish line….

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