Book Release Weekend!

IMG_1681I had a very exciting weekend. My author signing event at Chapters took place on Saturday and it was a huge success. It all began on Thursday night when my friend Chris arranged a few promo radio spots for me for Friday morning. It was not something I had done before so it was a little daunting, but I got through them. It was great exposure and a very gracious offer on his part. Friends are the best!





At work on Friday a team led by Deb had a surprise meeting with cake to celebrate the book release. I honestly had no idea that it was going to happen, it was quite shocking. The cake tasted awesome as usual and I got to talk a little bit about my book. I sold a number of copies at work as a result.

IMG_1683Saturday was the big event at Chapters. Jackie helped me get setup at the front door and then 1pm rolled around and it was time to go. I had an excellent turnout. Friends from work, the triathlon team, the Swampers, and plenty of family all showed up. An older lady in a walker heard me on the radio and came in just to meet me and pick up the book, it was humbling. I sold many more to the Christmas shoppers. By the end of the three hours I had my sales pitch perfected. Time for another event maybe? I am going to work with an independent bookstore downtown next. Stay tuned.

My workouts have continued as planned. I had a new found love for yoga! It has helped with my knee pain so right now I am just going with it and not asking any questions. I think it is good to add a different modality to my workout regime, it mixes things up a bit and is easier on the joints.

This past week I travelled 132 kms during my training.

See you at the next finish line……



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