The Christmas Season is here.

christmas-tree-clip-art-xmas_christmas_tree_5-3333pxWhere has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday when the school buses began slowing down traffic again. It has been a busy fall season. The plans are now underway for the Christmas holidays. Both kids are coming home for a few days. Brittany will be travelling from Toronto and Brandon from Ottawa. It is not often that both kids are here at the same time so it will be nice. Of course, they each have a significant other that will be visiting as well!

My first book release continues to surprise me. I log on to my dashboard on Amazon each day and check out my sales. It is neat to see all of the people in various countries that have purchased my book. Not surprisingly the US and Canada lead the pack, but Australia is not that far behind! I also continue to sell books in person as word gets out that I am an author. I have strangers drop by my office at work looking for an autographed copy. It is a nice gift at this time of year as a signed copy, personalized to the recipient, is a nice touch for a cheap gift. Especially for those in the Kingston area as everyone likes to read about their home town. Hint, hint, hint!!

MOCK UP TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDThe cover art on my second book has been completed. I worked with the same designer I used for “Higher Education”. She was able to make a distinctly different looking cover, yet it kept some key elements consistent (font, colour, etc.). The title of the new book is “In Hiding” and it takes place in Key West, Florida. It is another murder/mystery and those who have read it claim it is much better than the first book! Let me know if you like the new cover. The new book should be out in the spring.

I continue to train for triathlon. My training hours have been down the last couple of months. I have let my discipline slip a little. I guess that is to be expected as I trained for over a year with very little time off. After Christmas I will have to get my head back in the game if I want to have a better season ahead. I will post my official goals in the New Year. I am being pestered to do a spring race in Texas. Yes, I am talking about you Chris!

got-a-manJackie has had a cold for over a week and it has finally caught up to me. My version is a man-cold so it is much worse. It is undeniable, at least in my mind. This past week I travelled 136 kms during my training.

See you at the next finish line…

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