Crazy Weather and News!

no-excusesIt has been a few weeks since I updated my blog. I could give excuses about Christmas being busy, work being busy, and lots of training, but why bother. The bottom line is I have been neglecting my blog. Time to get back into the habit! The weather has been really crazy lately. We had tons of rain and warm weather and then 24 hours later the temperature dropped drastically and we were shovelling snow. Well, to be truthful I have a good friend who has been kind enough to plow my driveway for the heavy snowfalls. Lucky me.

renewLast year I had a word for the year, it was complete. I wanted to finally complete my book and complete my Ironman. I did both of them! It seems to be a “thing” now. Everyone has a word that will define the upcoming year’s intentions. I have decided my word for this year will be “renew”. I want to have a renewed energy for getting faster in my athletic endeavours. I have set some new time goals for the 1/2 and full Ironman distances. Those goals will either have me not finishing the races due to over-exertion, or hitting new personal bests! I also want to have a renewed passion for writing.

contestblog_24727065261_oI am deep into the final edit of my second book. I expect it will be out in the spring. I am also currently writing my third book. I am about twelve chapters into the story and it is starting to come together. It is a good one, but I am biased. Watch Facebook in the next few weeks as I have created a “fan” page that I will publish soon. It will allow me to interact with my readers! I had a thought. Would you like to see your name used as a character in my next book? Stay tuned!

image_599d688ae75b3My training has been indoors for what feels like months. My swimming continues to improve slowly. It feels like two steps forward and one step back. But that is still forward right? I had an issue with my indoor bike trainer earlier in the week but I managed to fix it. I tightened up some bolts and remounted my bike and it seems to be working ok once again. My running has been all treadmill based. I had a good run earlier today at Planet Fitness while watching the Steelers lose. My brother Mark seems quiet today.

This past week I travelled 156 kilometres during my training.

See you at the next finish line….

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