Facebook Marketing

FacebookI have been taking an online course to understand how to market using Facebook. It is a very complicated process with many moving pieces but I think I understand it now. I am able to target marketing of my book to a specific country, age, and gender, with a browsing history of James Patterson fans (as an example). Did you every wonder why when you do a Google search on Ford cars that the local Ford dealership ad shows up in your Facebook feed a few hours later? It is all one connected ecosystem. My ads will also automatically be on Twitter and Instagram. I will be everywhere, prepare yourself.

Gold-star-star-no-background-clipartIn order to make all this happen I had to create a “fan” page on Facebook. Thank you to everyone that accepted my invitation or liked the page. Those of you that shared it earn an extra gold star. You are definitely in my tribe, my street crew!

My Ironman training continued this week. Was there any doubt? I travelled 113kms as my run mileage continues to increase each week. I am doing 2-3 runs a week over 80 minutes in duration now. A couple shorter ones are thrown in there as well. My biking is consistent, I will wait util spring to pick up the biking miles.

Finish-Line-PhotoSee you at the finish line…

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