The Piano Follies

photo-6We decided to sell our piano this week. It was purchased many years back as Brandon took lessons. It was not a purchase we ever regretted as he progressed through various levels of the Royal Conservatory program. He is quite good now! Now that he has moved out it has become furniture, rather than an instrument that was being used. Well, the cats would play a bit when we were out, but they don’t count. I put it on Kijiji earlier in the week. There was plenty of interest. My concern was getting it out of the house as it was big and heavy. One guy was ready to take it but him and his buddy were going to put it in the back of a pickup truck somehow. It didn’t feel right, or safe. Finally I was contacted by a local family with a young son who is just starting his musical journey. They hired professional movers to come and get it. It felt better than the two guys with the pickup. The family gave us a nice card thanking us for helping to give their son the gift of music.

europe-mapMy Facebook advertising continued this week. I am gaining more followers from all over the world. It is so interesting how with modern technology I can reach people that only a few years ago would have been impossible to reach. I targeted Europe in my marketing campaign and it shows in the “likes” on Facebook and sales in my book. Onwards and upwards (I hope).

119_km_in_mileThis past week I travelled 119 kms during my training.

See you at the next finish line…..


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