Beta Readers Required!

MOCK UP TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDWhat better way to spend your cold February than to read a new book. My second novel now has a release date of May 1st. The title of the novel is “In Hiding” and it takes place on the tiny island of Key West, Florida. It is another mystery/thriller (a bit more of a dark thriller than the last novel). That is all the information I am sharing at this point in time. As part of the writing and editing process I am at the stage where I need a handful of beta readers. The purpose of a beta reader is to read the book and answer a set of questions to help me ensure that the novel flows well and has interesting character development. The most important role a beta reader plays is to be objective. If the book is hard to follow and does not keep your attention, I need to know that. If you are interested in performing the role of a beta reader on my new novel please reach out to me and let me know. I will send you the digital manuscript with a set of questions probing you for pointed feedback. Oh yes, you will also have a deadline! In return, you get to say you read my new novel first and played a role in shaping its success. If you know someone who is a big reader, it might be better for them to be a beta reader rather than you. Think it over!

Test-SetsTraining has continued. The swimming, biking, and running is still a major part of most days. I have remained relatively injury free this winter. I think I have learned to listen to my body a little more and back off when I feel beat up. I also believe that my regular yoga sessions have helped tremendously with flexibility and injury prevention. Yesterday in the pool we did time trials. My speed (or lack thereof) was not good. I guess that is a relative thing as it is better than this time last year, but I was still disappointed. Good thing I have a few months left before my first race. This past week I travelled 141 kilometers during my training.

See you at the next finish line…..

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