What is this 153 thing?

n0153What is 153? It could be many things. Let’s start with it’s obvious mathematical properties. It is a whole number. It is also an odd number. Did you know that it is also the sum of the first 17 integers? Now we are getting somewhere. We are really getting a good feel for this 153 thing. Do you remember factorials from high school or University? Well 153 is the sum of the first five positive factorials!

8a96b46f25288818b15f932d2913f9d9The distinct prime factors of 153 add up to 20, as do the factors of 154, so the two form a Ruth-Aaron pair. So very interesting right? 153 is also the smallest three digit number that can be expressed as the sum of the cubes of it’s digits. Is anyone still reading, or understanding for that matter. I do have a way of creating compelling content don’t I? Ok, one last mathematical fact. 153 is base 2 (binary) is a palindrome (10011001).


153 was also the atomic number for a temporary element known as Unpenttrium. It was only temporary, so why make a big deal. It has also been noted that Tettragrammoton occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis. It is also the number of fish the apostles caught when the resurrected Jesus appeared to them.


Most importantly, 153 is the number of kilometres I travelled this week during my training. You knew I would find a way make sense of this entire blog post.

I think we should all push to have hashtag 153 go viral. You saw it here first. #153 #153 #153.

See you at the next finish line….


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