Waiting on Spring

dogcar-111Ok, enough of winter. Just when you think it is warming up we get another cold snap. It has really felt like the longest winter in history. I am longing for a nice long bike ride outside with the wind in my face. My training has felt a touch unmotivated. I am hoping nice warm weather will help with that. A little vitamin D never hurt anyone right?


IMG_2461Brittany and Rui came to visit this weekend. It was nice to see them again and they both looked good. We went out on Saturday night for Rui’s birthday celebration. He is the old age of 28 now! We went to Lone Star and he got the regular birthday treatment from the staff. Nothing like standing on a chair in the middle of a restaurant. He was a good sport. They are both excited about there trip this upcoming summer to Portugal. Rui gets to show Brittany around his old stomping grounds. Brittany only has a few months left before she will graduate with her Masters Degree. I think it will be hard for her to leave Toronto as she really enjoys it. There are also good job prospects in that area.

IMG_7608Brandon spent the better part of the week in Toronto visiting with Kayla. She only has one semester left before she graduates from U of T. I think they have decided that Toronto might be too expensive to live in long term so they may end up in a smaller town setting, possibly Kingston. Who really knows, things change quickly. Brandon will likely be in Ottawa until the end of the summer when it all gets figured out. They will go where the jobs are!

All of the income taxes have been completed for the year. Everyone is anxiously awaiting their refunds. It is a nice little bonus at this time of year for the students.

UnknownMy training continued, as usual. The running mileage is increasing in distance and intensity now. I had a tough hill workout earlier in the week. Saturday’s swim was also a treat! I travelled 131 kms during my training this past week.

See you at the next finish line….


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