Long Awaited Return

top-15-quotes-about-life-changes-httpwwwetthebestyou-551615It has been an extremely rough start to 2017. I won’t get into the specifics here on the blog, but most of you will know what has been going on recently. It is a tough time in my life and there are many scary things on the horizon. For this reason my planned races for  2018 have not panned out. I was scheduled to race Muskoka 70.3 this past weekend and also the Mont Tremblant full Ironman in August. I cancelled my Muskoka plans and was able to defer my full Ironman until next year without losing any money. Missing both races was very depressing, but it was the right thing to do as my head is not in the game. I think physically I could have done both races but not at the level I would have been proud of and emotionally I wasn’t even close to ready. It takes a strong mind as well as a strong body to do these things and 1/2 the equation wasn’t going to cut it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1_03_05 PMI have continued to train but not at the intensity that I am accustomed. The motivation hasn’t been there. Skipping swimming sessions seems to be an easy choice on most days. This past weekend I decided I needed to hit reset and plan for a fall race with the hope that I will find some joy and intensity in the training again. I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 on September 9th. That gives me a couple of months to get “race ready”.

calendarFor next year I signed up for both the 70.3 and the full Ironman in Mont Tremblant. It will be a repeat of last year with hopefully better results. I will be two years older but I still think I can beat my previous times in both of those races. I am trying desperately not to succumb to father time.

appreciationFor those of you that have sent me messages or called to see how I have been it is much appreciated. My children have been awesome beyond belief. I am trying to get my mojo back. Life doesn’t always go as planned and who knows what will happen tomorrow. I am hoping a handful of race goals will help me stay busy and fit in the meantime.

As always, see you at the next finish line….

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