Back in the Groove

UnknownI finally found some consistency this past week. My swimming is picking up again as I get  the feel for the water. I have to get  some more open water swims under my belt before my next race. They are the key to my swimming confidence. The bike is feeling better as well. My running is still slow, but the mileage is beginning add up. I won’t be breaking any records anytime soon. The goal is just to get my mojo back.


51328_0b53b2Brittany is preparing for her trip to Portugal with Rui. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous. A vacation away from the Kingston area would be very welcome at this point. I have nothing on the horizon as my priorities have been elsewhere. Maybe in the fall I will be able to get away somewhere.

under pressureThe K-town Triathlon is fast approaching. My friends Chris and Laura are planning on mopping the floor with me this year (last year I was the victor). To be honest, if they don’t beat me they should be very embarrassed as they are both well trained. See how I set them up? Pressure mounting a little?


This past week I travelled 149 kms during my training. Good luck to my friends doing the full Ironman in Lake Placid. The race is on as I type!

See you at the next finish line….


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