New Book and New Season

MOCK UP TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDMy second book has been released! It is called In Hiding. It is a thriller that takes place in Key West, Florida. Each book I write is a different journey. After the creative process of the first draft there is months of work that follows. The cover art, the editing, the publishing, it all takes time. I have received plenty of positive feedback so far, overwhelmingly so! You can buy any of my books by using the links on my website at I also have copies if anyone is looking for an autographed copy. I am working on another author signing!!!

Iron_Stride_vertical_red_400x400I have begun training for next season of triathlons. There are a number of us that are part of the IronStride Team that are racing at Mont Tremblant next year. It is good to have a group that is all doing the same event as it makes the training more interesting and supportive. We have a group meeting planned in October to discuss lodging and other logistical items.

This past week I travelled 142 kms during my training. See you at the next finish line.

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