Serious Doubts..

So the big news this week was my short “practice” ride on the IronMan Syracuse course earlier today. I had previously driven the course in the middle of winter so I knew it was very very hilly for the first third of the course. It turned out to be a windy day as well which made things increasingly more difficult. Bottom line, the ride was awful. It was like riding totally uphill for over an hour and a half, straight uphill. In fact I think the elevation gain was close to 1500 feet in the first third of the bike course. I called it quits after 35k or 20 miles for this training ride. The good news (which I didn’t get to experience) is that the last third of the course is predominately downhill so my speeds would be way up!


Takeaways…. I need more hill workouts incorporated into my training.  I picked a bad course for my first 1/2 IronMan, there are certainly easier ones I could have done.


Discouraged right now…..


Training for this week was 109 kms…


See you at the finish line, maybe………



An abundance of everything!

The word of the week is abundance! First, let’s talk about food. I went to a pizza event last night for charity. We got to sample the best pizzas of 8 local establishments and then rank them based on factors like crust, toppings, etc. We had an awesome time and Brandon and Kayla came along which made it that much better! We raised $2000 for our charity, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, and had a great time doing it. Unfortunately, 8 slices of pizza (and of course a little more than that as I stole Jackie’s leftovers) is not kind to an Ironman in training.


Lucky for me, I also had an abundance of training this week as well. Yesterday I did a brick workout. That is where you practice two events, one right after the other, simulating a race condition. I biked for an hour and a half and then jumped off and ran a quick 3km (14 mins). After about 1.5 kms your legs feel normal again after coming off the bike. Today I rode a 3 hour ride at a moderate pace, now my ass hurts!


Overall I trained for 191 kms this week, which I think is a new weekly record for me since I have been keeping track of stats.


See you at the finish line……



Biking outside this week!

I had a great week of biking this past week. Brittany had the week off and we decided to head down to South Carolina for some warm weather workouts. It was not “warm”, but it was certainly warmer than our Canadian climate. We got two good rides in, and one fo them was followed by a fast 5k run. I felt good about my workouts this week.

Brittany and I had a good time, father and daughter bonding. We had some good laughs and lots of shopping. She should consider entering the shopping event at the next Olympics.

There is only 118 days until the 1/2 Ironman, it will be here before I know it. Ok, just broke out into a sweat again….

I travelled 159 kms during my training the past week!

See you at the finish line…..


Brittany at the finish line!

Brittany at the finish line!

I was very inspired this week by my daughter! She signed up for a 1/2 Marathon in Ottawa a few weeks back and at the time I said “won’t it be a bit too cold?”. Well that didn’t stop her. We treked up to Ottawa at 5am this morning, and it was -22C outside. Let me just say it was friggin cold, with any amount of clothing on. As a couple of spectators Jackie and I would go outside for 5 minutes to watch her go past, and then run back inside to warm up and strategically plan the next time she would pass, and head back outside again. The runners all had frozen snot everywhere, not a nice sight, lol. Well she did wonderful, in fact she had a personal best of 1:45 and came in second place! Inspiring!

I in turn got back to the house and went for a 10k run on the treadmill. I know, I know, I am a pussy, but an insprired one. I trained for 127 kms this week, woo hoo!!

Support is important!


So, you have read a lot about my training and lofty goals. What you haven’t read about is the behind the scene support that chasing a goal like this requires. Jackie has gotten up numerous times in the middle of the night to drive to early morning races. It is usually a dark, cold, quiet drive to the race. I am usually more than a little stressed on race day so it can be a tense drive and morning. She stands there for hours waiting for me to cross the line and never complains once (ok, she does complain but I can take it).

As well, she supports me during all of the long hours that I am away from her and the family when I am training. The long bike rides, swimming sessions, long runs, they all take LOTS of time. It wouldn’t be possible without support from home.

So remember, whether I make it to my goal or not, it takes a family to do crazy things and chase your dreams, and that is never forgotten.

My training took my for 139kms this week, as the race date is looming large on the horizon.

See you at the finish line….

Run focused week

It feels like the dead of winter all of a sudden. Depressing. Dark. Cold. This affects my workouts, just makes it tougher to do everything really. I need more sun, when will it be hot again?


My mileage was down this week, 115kms, but not due to lack of effort. I am in a portion of my training program that is more run focused than bike focused, therefore less overall mileage throughout a week. I had an LSR (Long Slow Run) today at the Y. I ran for 16.1 kms in 1:45 minutes, nothing to special but miles that are required to build up my running base.


If anyone is heading south and needs someone to carry their bags, let me know!!


See you at the finish line……

Cold and Busy Week

Well, the weather certainly didn’t ease me back into winter after a week in the south! It was freaking crazy cold this week. No need to worry about floods this week, nothing was moving anywhere. I had a busy week at work, expected after a week off, but a purposeful one so that was good.


I got back in the pool after a long time away and confirmed to myself that I am not a strong swimmer! It was good to get back in the groove of a routine though, I like routines. I also started using a new program called trainer road. It calculates my power output when I am riding my bike. Power is a very important thing to monitor in an endurance race like an Ironman, if you run out of energy/power, you are not going to finish. I completed a threshold test to set my particular power ratings in the system. A threshold test basically has you ride until you puke and then calculates your average power over that period. Sounds like fun right?


Brittany and I also spent some time this past weekend sorting boxes for Canadian Aid for Chernobyl in preparation for our upcoming trip to Belarus. We are both really excited about the things we have planned for our trip to help others. Brittany is leading a prom dress campaign. She is collecting dresses here in Canada and presenting them and having them fitted at an orphanage in Belarus so that some young ladies can graduate like never before, awesome stuff!!!


Overall this week I travelled 139kms during my training, not a bad week for a busy one!


See you at the finish line…….

Relaxing week of vacation!

It has been a very nice week of vacation sailing around the Caribbean. I think it may have lowered my blood pressure. We had a great time and were able to recharge our batteries. I did manage to get “some” training in this week, but certainly not up to my normal mileage.


I did a couple of swims in the ocean, very nice indeed. I loved the buoyancy that the salt water provided. It felt like I had a wetsuit on! Imagine swimming with a wetsuit in salt water, an even better combination. I ran a few times on deck as well as in the fitness center, and I did a spin class as well. Overall my training took me for 84 kms this week, not bad considering I was on vacation right? 


Reality is setting in, back to work tomorrow. Also the reality that I have to pick up my training and get ultra serious for the next four months. Time to put on my Ironman face!


See you at the finish line…..

Cheesecake Factory – Oh No!

Well I have an exciting week ahead of me. We are currently in Fort Lauderdale Florida about to board a cruise for the Caribbean. We arrived last night and made are way to the Cheesecake factory for dinner. We have been there before and it Is one of our favorite places to eat. It is crazy the size of the portions and also the calories included in them! They have about 25 different types of cheesecake, all of them over 1000 calories per slice. Jackie and I shared a slice and we still felt stuffed.


So as you can see, the struggle this week will be eating in moderation, and I am off to a great start right?  I will have some time to workout daily o I am happy about that. I ran 11kms at the hotel gym this morning, trying desperately to burn off the cheesecake, lol.


Last week I was in Kansas on business so my mileage was down. Not due to less workouts, but more because I didn’t have access to a bike throughout the week. My total mileage was 73 kms this week.


See you at the finish line….



Big Mileage

I broke a personal record this week! I trained for 160 kms, my previous best week was 159. Funny thing was it didn’t feel like a big week for me, in fact my motivation was WAY down this week. I guess being home over th holidays gave me some extra time to rack up some extra mileage. I still have a severe case of “doubt” about reaching this goal I have set for myself. I need to get my head in the game a bit more if I am to be successful.

Lots of snow to shovel this week though, a good way to burn calories and kill your back, lol. I am off tomorrow morning on a week-long business trip and then I am home for a night before going away for another week, the second week is vacation though so no complaining!!


See you at the finish line….