Motivation decline…..

Isn’t this a poor time of year to get motivated to exercise and keep weight off? It seems with all of my efforts I am losing ground, very depressing. It just seems like every night someone drops off another tray of sweets, or drops in for a game of cards, and then the snacking begins. Don’t get me wrong, family and friends are very important, but why do they eat so much?


It was good having Brittany home this week as at least I try to keep up with her exercise regimen. She is a machine when it comes to working out, usually twice a day. More than once over Christmas she guilted me into following her to the Y to get in some training. I did manage to train for 111 kms this week, most of it on the bike.


Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention the snow. Yeah that white stuff that needs to be shovelled everyday around here. I certainly burned a few calories this week attending to the driveway. I can’t wait for exactly 14 days from today, I will be on a cruise ship in warm weather!!! Ugh, I feel another weight gain coming on….


See you at the finish line…



Merry Christmas Video Post

This week’s update is a video blog entry!!




It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The heavy eating has begun, and that is not a good thing! The difficult thing about the Christmas season is trying to control the intake of food. I am sure I could be on the treadmill for the entire season and still gain weight. It hunts me out and finds me, lol. I have a plan this year, I am going to stay in bed for the entire Christmas week and get caught up on some reading. Well, except for the workouts of course 🙂


Some would say that shopping is a good calorie burner, just not my kind of shopping. You don’t burn many calories sitting on the bench in the mall. Oh but wait, there is the extra weight of carrying the bags out to the car at the end of the day!


Speaking of workouts, they went well this week. My swimming is getting better, just not at an improvement pace I am comfortable with! I trained for 158kms this week, a good week all things considered.


See you at the finish line…..



Next phase of training

So this week I began the second phase of the training plan I am following. It is a 5 week bike focused phase, which I enjoy as the bike is my favourite IM discipline. I had a couple rides that were over 2 hours each, plus weight training, swimming, and running.

I should mention that I changed up my swimming schedule. My masters group has evening classes as well so I thought I would give them a shot this past week. The evening workouts fit into my schedule a little better but I was concerned about the coach being new. It worked out well for me on both fronts. There are less people there at night so I get more individual coaching, which I think is helping. We kind of went back to basics this week, even videoed my stroke. The video was very helpful in showing me some of my inefficiencies. Now I just have to solve them!

My mileage was up this week to 159kms. Not surprising with the increase in biking this past week.

See you at the finish line….

Awards Banquet

The highlight of the week was an awards banquet on Friday night. Both Brittany and I had won awards for our age groups, hers in the running series and mine in the triathlon series. It was a great evening witnessing the various award winners. I was inspired by some of the “older” athletes that won awards. It is amazing what individuals can do when they put their minds to it, even those older than 70!!!

Me recieving my award

Me recieving my award

My foot continued to cause me pain all week. I was getting really concerned about it all, and the workouts I had to cut short, but today it feels like I may have turned a corner. My fingers are crossed.

Brittany and I with our awards!

Brittany and I with our awards!


I had two swim workouts this week with my masters class. After the first one on Monday my confidence was shaken, I just doubted my ability to actually meet this goal based on my abilities. I think my coach sensed that and on Wednesday I felt like I made some progress. I hope I can keep building some confidence as self-confidence can be me Achilles heel at times.  I trained for a total of 101 kilometers this week.


See you at the finish line…..




Hello there loyal followers! Did you miss me? For the record I did create a blog entry last week, in fact, it was a video. I had Jackie video me while I was doing a bike session and it turned out really good. Here comes the “but”! It didn’t work when I uploaded it, very frustrating. I tried it about 10 times in different ways and it just wouldn’t work for me so I finally gave up.


So this entry is a double week report. For the past two weeks I trained for 101kms and 128kms respectively. Here is the issue, my foot hurts. I am not sure what the problem is but my right foot is bothersome. It is bad in the mornings and loosens up as the day progresses. It has caused me to cut some running sessions short over the past week. I am not sure if I just need to rest it or if it is something more serious. The good news is that I can still bike and swim with it, it is just frustrating to not be able to run as well as I know I can.

I read an excellent book this past week. It is called “Running the Edge”. I thought it was going to be about running only but it was much more than that. It was a systematic process for setting and meeting a goal of any kind. I would recommend it if you are interested in that kind of thing. In fact, if you want to borrow it just let me know!


See you at the finish line…..


Determination vs. Tenacity

What is determination? The dictionary defines it as the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling on a purpose. Many have said that I must have a lot of determination to be training for an Ironman distance event. I guess if that means I have settled on a purpose, then yes, I have determination. I think of it as having a single minded goal, something that drives you to plan out your day to ensure you are gaining on that goal in a measurable way.


Tenacity is another word for determination. It is defined as starting something and finishing it. When it gets rough, if you are tenacious you do not give up. Some of my workouts help me with connecting to the definition of tenacity. When I am running, and I get to kilometer 15, and it hurts and I want to stop but I don’t, I guess I have a bit of tenacity in me!


What are you tenacious about?


This week I trained for 106kms, most of it on the weekend as I was travelling last week which made working out tough. I have not swum for a week now so I can’t wait to get back in the pool in the morning!


See you at the finish line….

Travel Week

This upcoming week I will be traveling on business. This adds so many challenges to my training and eating! The days are usually long, not leaving much sunlight for an evening run. Of course, using the hotel fitness center is always an option but the equipment is never very good. The good news is that the hotel has a pool. It is a short one but it is better than nothing.


It should be an interesting week in the US as the election takes place on Tuesday. I am heading to an area that is pro Republican so it will be interesting to see how the results come in.


This past week was a good one for training. I trained for 123 kms this week. It was a good mixture of swimming, biking, running, and weights this week. I worked on some new swimming strokes on Friday, that was a sight to see, trust me on that one.


I am also in a weight loss challenge, kind of a Biggest Loser thing that runs until mid February. There are 20 people on each team and we are currently in second place. I don’t think I have a ton to lose but I would like to drop 10 lbs to be at an optimum weight for the 1/2 Ironman in June. We will see how it goes.


See you at the finish line….



The 5 Ps

I heard a quote this past week that really stuck with me. “Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. I am calling it the 5 Ps. As I train for an Ironman there are many others pursuing similar goals. I am not the most gifted athlete, in fact far from it! So I plan to control the things that I do excel at, planning and preparation. I will make it to the start line as the most prepared athlete. A new mantra has been found!


I also picked up a new pair of biking shoes this week. Biking shoes are special in that they clip your feet into specialized pedals on a road/triathlon bike. You are “locked” in which improves your efficiency when pedaling as you can both push on the pedals on your downstroke, as well as pull on the pedals on your upstroke. The shoes are also very light and easy to get on and off to make your transitions as fast as possible.

New Bike Shoes


I increased my mileage this week to 106 kms. I am pleased with my running and biking but my swimming still concerns me. I am making progress, but is it fast enough? Only time will tell.


See you at the finish line…..





Rest Week – yeah right….

My training program called for a very light week of workouts this week. It is basically 5 tough weeks followed by a soft week, then repeat. Well, I struggle with “soft” weeks, lol. It is difficult to do nothing, I like to be active. It makes me feel like I am missing an opportunity when I am idle. I know that rest weeks are important, I just can’t convince myself to obey them. So, my light week resulted in 83 kms of training.


Brittany got her wetsuit this week so that was exciting news. She is already a really good swimmer and the additional buoyancy will make her that much more efficient. She didn’t “need” a wetsuit to be able to swim, I do!


I have a couple of busy weeks coming up, visitor’s from work in town this upcoming week and then I am travelling the following week. I will have to get creative to make sure I can continue to get my workouts completed.


See you at the finish line…..